Key West Tarpon Fishing


Key West tarpon fishing is one of the most popular types of fishing in the Florida Keys. Anglers come from all over the world to fish for tarpon because of their amazing fight. With jumps, hard runs, and longevity of their fight, tarpon are one of the toughest sport fish to get to the boat. The peak moments of tarpon fishing in Key West are mid April, May, and Early June. There are tarpon that start to migrate through the Keys as early as February … but with possible cold fronts and early spring winds, we don’t see much consistency in the tarpon fishery until mid/late March-April. It differs year to year based on the weather conditions. Article on this here -> Tarpon Migration  

tarpon boatsideTarpon fishing can be done many different ways:

  • Spin fishing with live bait (most popular)
  • Spin fishing with artificial lures
  • Fly fishing 
  • Conventional tackle with dead bait

Fishing for these silver kings can also be done in many different Key West fishing environments:

  • On the flats in shallow water; sight fishing (a lot of times how fly fishermen go about)
  • In channels that run on the edges of the flats (most common)
  • In deeper areas like shipping channels 
  • Within mangrove islands and coves (usually for juvenile tarpon)

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