Flats Boat with Captain Eric Ryan


Key West Tarpon fishing with Captain Eric
Targeting tarpon on flats of Key West

Targeting tarpon on flats of Key West

This is a bite every serious angler should experience.
Fishing the flats poses a poetic perspective on the water here in the Florida Keys. Large schools of tarpon migrate through Key West every spring and summer. The majority of the fishing on the flats, is done by sight. Watching a tarpon see, react and eat a live crab or fly you’ve casted to them, in two feet of gin clear water, may be one of the most exciting bites in all of fishing.

Tarpon on the Flats

Having fished the flats in and around Key West since 2001, Captain Eric is no stranger to this. Growing up in Michigan and guiding customers to fish from Alaska to the Virgin Islands, he has amassed an array of fishing styles and techniques. This comes in handy on the flats since there are a variety of species that cruise the flats. On any given day you may see permit, bonefish, barracudas, jacks, snappers and/or sharks.

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