Center Console with Captain Ryan Muntin


Key West Tarpon fishing with Captain Ryan Muntin
Preparing a tarpon for release.

Preparing a tarpon for release.

14 years of Tarpon fishing experience

Skipper Ryan first moved to Key West in 2001 after graduating from Michigan State University.  It’s in that summer, he first tasted the adrenaline of a tarpon bite and the glorious spectacle of the fight that ensues.  He’s been chasing silver kings professionally ever since.  These epic fights can last as long as two hours;  highlighted by 100 yard runs and jaw dropping aerials of a 200 lb fish taking to the air.

Step aboard his beautiful 28’ Whitewater and chase these tarpon in Key West’s harbors, channels and basins.  Typically, when fishing for tarpon aboard the Piscivourous, Skipper Ryan uses shrimp boat trash (bycatch of shrimp boats).  Using live bait, casting plugs, and flies are also techniques to hook tarpon.  Shrimp boat trash is used as cut bait to form a chum line for the tarpon to feed on.  When the bite is on, you can hook a tarpon on every drift.

The beauty of fishing with cut bait for tarpon in the harbor, are the variety of species you catch while in the pursuit of tarpon.  On any given drift in the Key West Harbor, a tarpon, permit, cobia, grouper, shark, snappers, barracuda, jacks, rays, and mackerel can be caught

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