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Key West Tarpon Fishing!

Tarpon FishingWe Specialize in Tarpon !

Key West Tarpon Trips is a network of top notch local fishing guides offering full service, professional, year round fishing charters.  Our guides specialize in the pursuit of Key West’s most prized sport fish , the Tarpon.  These captains, with over 30 years of experience, chase large schools of fish, day after day, in the Key West Harbor, channels, basins, and on the flats.

Catch a Trophy of a Lifetime!

What’s sportier than catching a 120 pound tarpon on 20 pound light tackle gear?  These fish make multiple jumps, sometimes as high as eight feet in the air. In between jumps, they peel line off the reel hundreds of feet at a time. You may battle their defying strength for over an hour. If you’re ready for the reward of your lifetime, then bring one these beasts to the boat!